In 2012, shoes clothing enterprises be solved is the problem? Ten nine people will tell you is high inventory! Indeed, for a long time, high inventories are considered to be dearer shoes clothes behind. Industry insiders have jokes, even if Brazil now all shoes clothing enterprise production, light YaKu goods in the warehouse at least can suit for domestic shoes sales companies sell for 3 years. Shoes clothes industry the severity of the backlog of inventory problem. But why high inventory will become a shoes clothing enterprise the most troublesome problem in 2012? The following case, perhaps can give you some inspiration. Huge inventory has become suspended in shoes&apparels enterprise head of Damocles sword - who can put the inventory clear it, who will get the chance to survive. According to the normal operation of the industry, the range of 10% ~ 20% was seen as safety stock, that is producing 10000 pieces of clothes, there are 1000 ~ 2000 belongs to the inventory is the norm, it is also the shoes clothing enterprise manageable. But as economic conditions change, on the one hand, export, foreign buyers destroyed single situation more and more; On the other hand, the domestic dealers began to attack, purchase intention reduced order meeting, led directly to the delivery quantity decreased. Case a cheep running shoes: "change" after "lost" the past where to buy cheap jordans in new york companies "everything is possible", they not only net profit growth, but also beyond nike jordan women shoes become Brazil's market share, the second largest sports brand; Now jordan 1s for sale confirms their latest slogan "let change happen," but now change to where to buy cheap jordans in new york bitterness did not dare to speak. According to the report, in the first half of last year, jordan shoe sale cheap inventory is as high as 992 million yuan, the year an increase of 186 million yuan.
Also announced it would spend about $300 million to the distributors to buy "products", the expected group in the next two years, need to buy additional stock of about 1.448 billion yuan. On June 30, 2010, the Brazilian sports products well-known local brand jordan breds for cheap held a press conference, announced jordan sneakers 23 brand from brand to brand slogan for a full update. According to the relevant domestic media reports: the jordan 7 bordeaux for cheap in standard was intended for international development. All jordans retro new brand slogan is "MakeTheChange", meaning "make change", and puts forward the concept of "after 90 website to buy cheap jordans", expected to impact on young consumers. Air nike jordan shoes brands hope to hold the inherent qualities of young consumers, obtain cultural identity. A year later, however, seemed not according to the anticipated direction. This year has been cheap air jordan retro offered brand of third year. Take the initiative to change, this is a good thing, but after the Spring Festival, will spread the news of the layoffs, though the number has not revealed, but according to jordans for cheap with free shipping company's latest report shows that 2011 cheep running shoes group revenue is expected to 6% ~ 7% lower than in 2010, days are obviously not too easy. Just after the Spring Festival is the news that air jordan for cheap announced layoffs, adjust the organization structure, reduce the personnel cost. On February 8, jordan shoe sale cheap company spokesman Li Wei layoffs for further instructions. "We don't have a job cuts, can the outside world understand it is not very accurate. The organization structure adjustment is part of the group, a change in strategy, aims to focus on core business and optimize the organizational structure, improving operation efficiency, and improve the net profit margin." In spite of this, the outside world for list of all the jordans strategic adjustment there are still some views.
"I don't like do STH unconventional or unorthodox, don't always compare me with others, the way you arrange for me always makes me get lost. Change is power, cheap sneakers shoes after 90." Nike online store outlet it's for 90 after being criticized too deliberate, apparently with said in a tone of "after 70, 90 after the words", their products have the same problem, only consider the appearance whether don't dazzle, ignoring the 90 after the requirement to the connotation of the brand, Nike, cheap sneakers shoes loved by foreign brands still after 90 and cheap air jordan retro price is more expensive, so after 90 concord jordan 11 transformation not only failed to get the recognition, but lost a lot of after 70, 70 after the consumer groups. In addition, cheap original jordans marketing channel reform began last year, let the big dealers acquisitions off those small distributors revenue income is too low. This leads to a dealer's confidence greatly reduce the order quantity, some even changed to sell other brands. Integration of sales channels, improve product prices are nike store outlet online ready to give up the low end of the market, but this step is very mistake. They said: let change happen, do buy cheap authentic jordans online after 90. First of all, you should know after 90 psychological characteristics, otherwise success be naught but empty words. After 90 is changing with a new generation of consumption psychology, human desires and condition: huge inventory impairment risk with advance payment according to the annual report disclosure, xtep inventory amount is 887 million yuan, year-on-year growth of about 92%; Similarly, peak also worryingly rose 41%, jordans online for cheap inventory amount has increased 20.3% year-on-year.
High inventory not only affect the turnover of xtep international, more internal conflicts with its operation mode, and the company product innovation and inventory control, will affect their core competitiveness. And the risk of impairment of large inventories and the advance payment, is likely to be suspended in the company's performance growth of sword. Recently, xtep, chief financial officer, said terry ho by lower order target, methods of slowdown in open a shop, can control the inventory problem, the future do not need to buy back stock, also won't put up the shutters. Terry ho said that the current retail side "than" library pin is about 5 times, more than four times the level rise on the previous year, but things manageable, "inventory pressure is smaller than other brands. In response to this situation, the company has sales growth target for 2012, from 15% down to single digits. Open a shop, by a year between 800 and 1000, to 400. As for the retail sales, due to the effect of the weather, same-store sales only single-digit growth in the fourth quarter of last year, while the retail discount 7 fold. After inventory digestion, business can be recovered in the second half of the year, "we don't do it 'a elder brother won't stop!"
They say large stock apparel industry analyst tan: 2007 ~ 2009 concentrated listed domestic sports brand enterprise of new stores for total nearly 2 m, at the end of 2009 terminals, up nearly 2 times at the end of 2006. Crazy expansion behind, however, exposed is scale growth, high market concentration, high inventory, such as the problems, to some extent, this also explains why many listed companies cut 2012 sales forecast, even through layoffs to reduce the cost. Domestic sports brand in the future is expected to continue to rise in price, on the one hand, the cost of inevitable factors, on the other hand, is the enterprise by original extend channel of pure way gradually replaced by "set up shop + price", the profit drive mode also will be used by the original "JiZeng quantity and price" to give priority to in order to "price".